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Doug Post Announces Candidacy for District 7 Representative
Press Release

Doug Post Announces Candidacy for District 7 Representative

Doug Post is running for South Dakota House of Representatives in District 7. Returning to Legislature, Post believes his previous experience serving on the Appropriations Committee will allow him to hit the ground running and aid in his effectiveness in the next term. In the past two years he has remained engaged with the state legislature and has helped move Pro-life issues forward as a state board member of SD Right to Life.

Doug and his wife, Ginger, have 5 children ranging from college at SDSU to kindergarten. The family has been blessed to be foster parents, which resulted in them having an opportunity to grow their family through adoption. They continue to farm and Ginger retails quality home raised beef to many in the community.

Being active in two business endeavors, Doug recognizes the strain taxes and regulation put on our small businesses and will work to lessen the burden of both. As a father he is deeply concerned with the direction society is taking in many aspects of education, sports, protection of the unborn and parental rights.

Doug would appreciate your vote in the Republican Primary June 7th
--Doug Post For HD 7

Post Date: 2022-04-20 13:13:51Last Update: 2022-04-21 21:13:44


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