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A Movie Review of ‘2000 Mules’, by Patrick W. Schubert Sr.
Left Wing-Right Wing...Same Bird

I was born and raised in NJ, so Liberal tricks, frauds and scams rarely surprise me... I've watched videos of Union Bosses brag about voting machines in their halls and members being paid (minimum wage) to "plug the machines". I've been in the candidate process here and in NJ to share important info and get a hands on experience. It has not disappointed.

I have always contended that many blue states have been working to master the "art" of voter fraud. 2000 Mules has confirmed they have built a massive illegal [RICO] enterprise way beyond the scope of what I imagined. I felt as if 2000 in Florida was a test ground for creative ways to steal votes. In time those practices were perfected by the creation of Dominion and Smartmatic electronic voting systems. Nobody has to litigate a vote if its just changed...

The numbers of PROVEN vote irregularities in Arizona alone is catastrophic to a free and fair election system. A multi level assault on our right to vote and have the system properly determine the CORRECT outcome is now a myth we can tell our grandkids about. We've gone from Dewey Defeats Truman to an election system dictators like Saddam Hussein, President Xi, Mao and others have used thru time to oppress their citizens.



The idea and practice of voter fraud has always existed. IT IS NOT THE MYTH THE LEFT, OR RIGHT, CLAIMS IT TO BE...

From 1787-1791 the side of the process that eventually 'evolved' into today's modern DNC refused to ratify the Constitution over the issue of slavery. It was critical that all states were signed onto the Constitution to make a complete and united nation. The settlement was the 3/5ths clause. This was legalized voter fraud. The 3/5ths clause gave a slave master 3 extra votes for every 5 slaves they owned. Do you think the slaves got to vote those 3 votes? Many large enterprises in slave states may have had thousands of slaves that gain them hundreds and possibly thousands of votes. The 13th Amendment ended Slavery and made the voter fraud of the 3/5ths clause a violation of the law of the land. I did the math, roughly 42 MILLION votes were stolen from people who should have been Americans during the lifetime of the 3/5ths clause.

After the ratification of the Constitution, the politicians that eventually became the RNC across this brand new nation were being elected to offices at all levels. From northern free states to southern slave states, they were taking the lead and pushing for the abolition of slavery. The future Democrats decided slavery was important enough to start a war over.

From the Constitution, to Civil War, to Reconstruction- the Democratic party has oppressed people and infringed on We The Peoples Rights', related to voting. During reconstruction many Republicans would win local and state offices, then have their offices assaulted and be forced to resign their offices to the Democrats under threat of violence or death. Once they got the offices they would reinstate the now illegal practices related to enslaving other humans.

This is the point where some claim that the parties switched, and the republican party became the oppressors. This is a fallacy, based upon revisionist history, like Critical Race Theory today. During the post reconstruction period, the democratic party used groups like the KKK and labor unions to keep people of color from voting and working to support their families.

Today, the same issues are occurring. Rather than the KKK, we see ANTIFA engaging in the same terror and voter suppression tactics employed in the Jim Crow South. Millions of dollars are used to influence minority votes with carefully crafted messages, used to socially engineer consent, and bypass scrutiny. Ghettos, like Priutt-Igoe have been created with million and millions of dollars as test studies, to see just how much a population can endure, while still believing in the system that enslaves them. Rather than address it, or try to solve the issues, republicans of today, go along as the data benefits them too.

2000 Mules exposed that during the 2020 election the NRSC paid people to watch drop boxes. They reported issues with pictures and video. Please tell me how the #2 member of the Senate could not have known about the reported fraud but stood staunchly against any investigation. The movie used absolutely provable methods to identify a portion of the fraud that was perpetrated in the days leading up-to, and after, the 2020 election. It was a multi-state, criminal enterprise that should really only be classified as an act of treason. I believe that our duly elected President, along with other down ballot candidates, were denied their offices via this coup. The result of this coup, denied the people of their right to a well functioning government, meant to protect, preserve & defend our union.

The movie was a simple sampling of one aspect of the attack. From machine vote swapping to fraudulent ballots, poll worker malfeasance, to illegal proxy voting, IRS approved charities creating ballots or assisting fraud and illegally spending money to influence elections, to the left with millions from Big Tech and PACs with anonymous donors from undisclosed nations, there is a lot that needs to be corrected if we ever want another free & fair election. The longer this situation persists, the harder it will be to correct.

End voting by mail. Voter ID should be mandatory in all 50 states. Make ballot harvesting a Class 1 felony with stiff penalties. These processes will only suppress illegal voting.

Yes, 2000 Mules was an eye opening experience but as the cool kids say "Its just chump change..." Both parties have dominated the playing field and turned the process into an influence auction. We must put the citizen back into politics.

--Patrick W. Schubert Sr.

Post Date: 2022-05-20 13:23:06Last Update: 2022-05-20 15:53:54


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