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South Dakota State Senator Sends Letter To SD 25 Constituents, Disclosing Lisa Rave’s Conflicts of Interest
Urging Voters To Follow The Money...

A letter was sent to the republican voters of South Dakota's district 25, which sits just outside of Sioux Falls. State Senator Marsha Symens (R-SD25), discloses that the conflicts of interest for candidate Lisa Rave, and her familial ties to the pharmaceutical industry are too immense for her to remain silent.

Political insiders tell The Dakota Leader that the state's response to COVID-19 has likely placed a sizable target on the faction of lawmakers who fought to uphold the rights' of the people, during the pandemic restrictions. Representative Tom Pischke (R-Dell Rapids), is one of those lawmakers who spoke out, loudly protesting lock-downs, while aiding efforts to keep South Dakota open. Pischke now faces off with a well funded Lisa Rave, for the Senate seat of district 25. Senator Marsha Symens outlines Rave's familial ties, and funding sources in the letter below, obtained by The Dakota Leader for publication.

The letter is published in full, and reads as follows;

"Greetings My Fellow District 25 Republicans,

"Due to the many misleading mailings we have received regarding the candidates, I felt compelled to share with you what I know regarding the candidates running for the Senate in the upcoming June 7th primary. It is why I ran for office in the first place.

"In August 2020, I was asked to run for the Senate seat vacated by Sen. Langer's resignation because the "establishment-picked replacement" posed an enormous conflict of interest; that replacement's husband and son are lobbyists in Pierre.

"The replacement was to be Lisa Rave - a solid voice for BIG healthcare / BIG pharmacy organizations and all the lobbyists.

"Instead, the nominating committee selected me as the better candidate. It is election time and Lisa Rave is running again. Only this time, you, the voters of District 25, get to have your say in voting for the candidate you deem better suited to represent us which is why I am writing to you. You need to know what she is not telling you.

"There are several legislators who have their hearts in the right place, and want to represent the citizens of our great state. Lisa Rave, however, has not been forthcoming as to her connections in Pierre to SDAHO (South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations) which employs her husband, while her son lobbies for Sanford. The former Senator/Representative husband turned lobbyist could improperly influence Lisa Rave regarding legislation that impacts their industry. Will Lisa Rave vote for the best interests of people of our district, or for the best interests of the industry that her family lobbies for?

"The conflicts of interest posed by Lisa Rave are too immense to remain silent.

"Also, the two lobbyists, the father/son duo, have worked hard to kill legislation that would protect children from dangerous gender altering procedures and hormone blockers. They have also lobbied against legislation that would protect against vaccine and mask mandates.

"Tim Rave and their son, Mitch, lobby for the financial interests of the medical institutions in our state, not the best interest of its residents.

"We also received a postcard calling for the "draining of the swamp". The irony of that card is that it targeted four legislators; two being freshmen legislators. In my opinion, the swamp consists of career politicians which funded and created those negative mailers.

"Due to redistricting, District 25 changed dramatically, combining 5 sitting legislators into one district. This was an attempt to push out solid Conservative legislators that do not vote the way the establishment would like. We need a strong candidate to beat a well-funded ($33,000 at present), highly powerful group behind the push for the lobbyist's wife. That same group wants to silence the legislators who do not feel the government should be able to force you to wear a mask, force you to take a vaccine, and vote to spend your hard-earned taxpayer dollars on every pet project that the lobbyists want.

"What I know about Heinneman and Crisp is limited. They have been in the legislature before and decided to run again. Check out their voting records to see if they are the candidate for you.

"Currently, Tom Pischke is the incumbent who voted for your freedoms to prevent mask and vaccine mandates. He voted against proposed legislation that would have locked down the State. He supports the Convention of States resolution to impose term limits on Congress; he fully supports our 2nd Amendment rights; and fights hard for the communities in our District. Tom has “A” ratings from Family Heritage Alliance Action, Americans for Prosperity, South Dakota Gun Owners Association and the National Rifle Association. He also boasts a perfect 100% voting record from South Dakota Right to Life for his entire Legislative career in the House. On top of that, he has one of the most Conservative voting records in the entire Legislature according to South Dakota Citizens for Liberty and American Conservative Union. I am asking you to be informed of your choice of representation, as it matters more than ever.

"Tom Pischke has my support because I know him to be a conservative voice for the citizens of our district and our state. Join me and get out and vote June 7th.

"Best Regards,

"Senator Marsha Symens

"Paid for by Marsha Symens for Senate. Not paid for at taxpayer expense."

--Senator Marsha Symens (R-SD25)

Post Date: 2022-06-01 14:12:00Last Update: 2022-06-01 15:06:59


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